Lithium ion battery for electric vehicle

Nanopow's high quality nano crystalline silicon nano powder and advanced structure engineering is essential for achieving high performance Li-ione anodes. It enhances battery capacity and charge-discharge cycle index. We are involved in the development of the next generation batteries, where our partners are using our crystalline nano silicon powder in the anode electrode

 Benefits of using our crystalline nano Silicon.

The growing demand for high-capacity, long-life batteries is forcing manufacturers to look for new technologies. Nanopow's high quality nano crystalline silicon nano powder has the following competitive advantages for Li-ion batteris manufacturers.

  • Increased iongevity of battery

  • Allows storage capacity to be increased by 30% to 60% using a standard cathode, compared to conventional Li-ion batteries

  • Significant improvement in efficiency and cycling of batteries

  • Controlled interface between the silicon and the electrolyte chemically, thus avoiding cracking

  • Standardization of the dispersion of nano-Si in the graphite matrix and increase of the ionic and electronic conductivity thanks to the carbon layer.

  • The particles in the material are tailored with an optimal size in order to achieve the required quality

  • Improve the affinity of nano-Si with graphite and other binders


Application areas

Nanopow's high quality nano crystalline silicon nano powder can be used in the following batteris applications

Liquid state batteris/ Automotive

  • Electric Vehicles

  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles

  • Electric Bicycles

Solid state batteris /Consumer electronics

  • Drone

  • Cell Phones

  • Laptops

  • Tablets



  • Nanopow AS production has zero emissions of any toxic or hazardous gases

  • Silicon is a non-toxic material.

  • Silicon is a nonflammable material, thus helping reduce the risk of the battery catching fire compared to conventional alternatives

The energy storage industry is booming; the industrial and environmental concerns are significant.

Nanopow's high quality nano silicon powder are seem as an extremely promising material in extending battery performance. They have a much higher charge capacity compared to other materials currently being used in the production of new generations of lithium-ion batteries. It perfectly meet the needs of the energy storage industry in the development of new generations of batteries.



3G/4G Cell Phones




Digital Cameras



Electric Vehicles

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Electric Bicycles